Hello! My name is Kendra Werst and I am currently pursuing a Master of Library Science degree with a specialization in Art Librarianship at Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing. 

I developed an interest in librarianship while I was an undergraduate at the Kansas City Art Institute, working as a library assistant at the Jannes Library and Learning Center and loved it!  I successfully graduated in 2013 with a BFA focusing on Sculpture and Art History. 

This past summer, I fulfilled a practicum at Northwestern University Library in the Digital Curation and Repository department. Over the course of the year, I have developed an interest in digital collections, digital curation, visual resources, and repositories. I currently work as a Collection's Assistant at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, working closely with the Library, Art, Artifacts & Archive Collections.

Recent projects at the Kinsey include importing digitized images of works from the Art Collection to their Online Image Collection as well as, adding the necessary descriptive metadata (MODS) to digitized images using Indiana University DLP’s Photo Cataloging Application (Photocat), which is built in FEDORA. I have also started an inventory of the works exhibited in the Kinsey Institute Gallery, the goal of this inventory is to assess how many works need to be digitized, which items are missing metadata and which items are already in Kinsey Online Image Collection. Having access to digitized or digitally preserved objects, such as Kinsey's image repository, allows people to explore and learn about unique items that are typically housed in special collections or behind closed doors.

Currently, I am President of the Society of Art Librarianship Students and am Secretary/Treasurer of VRA's Midwest Chapter. This upcoming Spring, I will be interning at the Herron Art Library working closely with the Visual Resources Specialist. When I am not busy with library school, I enjoy eating donuts, developing my yoga practice and maintaining my artistic skills through graphic design. 

Knwledge is where I am documenting my journey through library school. After I complete my degree in 2017, I hope to find work in an art library, academic library or a museum library. Feel free to browse my projects page and be sure to check out my CV for more details about my experience. 

CONTACT: kendrawerst@gmail.com