Side Projects and Tours

After finishing up a volume of La Caricature, I was given a side project to fill in time while I wait for new scans of volumes of La Caricature. The project is to search the Vernon McKay collection of photographs and clean up the metadata. An intern three years ago transcribed the metadata exactly as it was written on the card. For example, the intern typed titles in all CAPS, because that how it was written on the card. Other problems in the metadata include unnecessary dashes, semicolons, and some locations did not have a corresponding id number as well as the photographer did not have an LC id number.

In the afternoon, I met with Evviva Weinraub, the Associate University Librarian (AUL). Several teams of people report to her and Evviva reports to the Dean of Libraries, Sarah Pritchard. We discussed her role as an AUL and I asked her advice about what to ask in during a job interview. I also had a chance to tour the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies collection and Transportation Library. Its scope is as wide as the continent of Africa itself; its subject matter ranges from art, history, literature, music and religion to communications, management and cooking. The Africana collection is a resource for the entire university, and most of Northwestern's disciplinary programs are reflected in the collection. In addition to serving the NU community, the Herskovits Library staff also serves regional, national and international scholars. The tour was given by the wonderful Esmeralda Kale, the George and Mary LeCron Foster Curator.

After meeting with Esmeralda, I got a brief tour of the Transportation Library. The Transportation Library was founded in 1958 to support the curricula and research programs of the Transportation Center and the Center for Public Safety. Containing more than 500,000 items, the Transportation Library is one of the largest transportation information centers in the world, encompassing information on all transportation modalities, including: air, rail, highway, pipeline, water, urban transport and logistics. It includes significant collections on law enforcement, police management and traffic enforcement. Its collection of environmental impact statements is one of the most complete in the world.