Metadisco & BBQ

This Friday, I started to take inventory of some born-digital images. To quickly import filenames of the images into Google Sheets, I dragged the folders over to Text Wrangler. Next, I saved the Text Wrangler file as a .txt then, I imported the .txt file into Google Sheets. I cleaned up the cells and placed the file names and subfolders in the proper columns.

In the afternoon, I started another side project of writing accession numbers on a collection of glass negatives. There are about 5-6 boxes of these glass negatives that have already been to preservation. Another day of handling fragile materials! 

Earlier this week, I received a tour of Metadisco or Metadata and Discovery Services. Metadata & Discovery Services help connect users and resources through a variety of tools, systems and resources. As a leader in cataloging, metadata and discovery platform communities, the metadisco department acquires, creates, maintains and shares metadata for library resources. I also attended a lovely Library Staff BBQ.