Inventory & Preservation

Today I began a new project since the developers are working on fixing bugs and coding for MENU. The project is titled [Trans] Souvenir of Auto trip to SF 1915,the goal of this project is to create item-level records for all of the images in the scrapbook and make them available to the world in Repository|Images. The deadline for this project is in December 2016, the images will hopefully be digitized in the next couple of months. A spreadsheet was created and I took inventory of the photos included in the scrapbook. This included the amount of photos on each page. For each photo, front and back, I created a descriptive title. The other cells in the spreadsheet included - Date, Accession Number, Dimensions, Content Notes, Entry Date, Inventory-er, Scanned, Production Notes, Production Errors and Who Scanned it. 

I had to wear white gloves and use a tool to help turn the pages. The scrapbook and/or photos were approximately created in 1915. The photos are so interesting! I am not sure of who these people are but a group of people drove to San Francisco in their automobile. Some of the photos included scenes of their camp, Pike's Peak in Colorado, wildlife and other sites along the way. 

After lunch and a little bit of work, I took a tour of NU Library's Conservation Lab. Such a wonderful space in the basement of the library. The lab was renovated about a year ago.

The Preservation Department is responsible for the preservation of library collections in all formats, including books, archival materials, audio, film, and digital collections. The department includes the conservation lab, which has conservators and technicians who perform a broad range of conservation treatments aimed at preserving both general and special collections as well as supporting exhibits and outreach.