Week Two

This past week, I have been able to sit down and focus on the metadata for this project. I have finished about four volumes of La Caricature images. 

There have been a few bumps along the way when working on this project. Since the repository is homegrown, it's not perfect. There are several bugs that need to be worked out. For instance, sometimes after I add the metadata through MENU and press publish, the image kicks back and disappears completely from MENU. This issue still has not been solved but I have been keeping track of the image filenames in a spreadsheet and adding error messages or things that need to be addressed. Another bug that has been a bit of an annoyance is that when you publish an image with metadata, it doesn't leave the queue. Since the queue never empties it makes it a little difficult to find images, especially since the filenames are numerical. When I first started cataloging, I would click publish and MENU would give me a null error. The image still gets published and shows up in the Images repository. My supervisor told me that they are aware of this error message and are trying to work on it as well. One thing I find interesting is that my supervisor and her colleagues discuss these issues with the developers of the database. Back at my workplace in Bloomington, I have never talked with or discussed issues to any developer about Photocat, database and online repository made for cataloging images.