This morning I got to work adding metadata to images of La Caricature. With MENU, you can either fill in fields with text or use the XML feature to add or edit records. I typically use text and fill in the boxes but I have experimented with using XML to fill in fields that don't change e.g. subject headings, the ALMA number, and the call number...etc.

After getting into the groove of filling out the fields and using XML, my supervisor and I decided that I should be able to catalog 15 or more images day. Our goal for the internship is to have 345 images cataloged, which is roughly three volumes of La Caricature.

While I was inputting information, I was notified that there were a couple bugs that needed to be addressed before I could publish any more images. Meaning, I could save the metadata and publish the image later. 

In the afternoon, while I was waiting to hear from the developers to see if the bugs had been fixed in MENU, I attended the Staff Service Awards. This gathering was created to celebrate achievements for NU's Library staff. They recognized those who had been there in increments of five years. It was really great to see people who had just been hired to people who have worked there for more than 30 years.