Digital Curation Lifecycle

This week, I continued with cataloging Artists' books and crop photos from the Herron Morton Collection. At this point, I have cropped over 300 photos. These photos were scanned and will be uploaded in Herron Library's digital collections. Cropping photos is only one step in the digital curation lifecycle. The lifecycle doesn't always begin in the same place, it could start when you receive data or it could begin when you create data. Data can include any information in binary digital form and is the center of the lifecycle. Digital objects can be simple such as image files, text files, or sound files. They could also be complex such as combinations of digital objects or websites. Herron's digital collections use some aspects of the digital curation lifecycle. Some actions that prove are their database where they keep their digitized collections, the software/database that they use to describe and represent their collections. Also when they ingest new assets into their databases. The next step for the photographs that I cropped will be describing them and capturing metadata. 




Herron-Morton Place Historic Area Preservation Plan