Indexing and Editing Records

This last week, I continued with editing the Peat Collection through CONTENTdm. Occasionally, CONTENTdm's indexing feature will not process. When the collection doesn't index, it can become frustrating when I am editing records. At one point, I began to go through the entire Wilbur D. Peat Collection to check records for spelling or any missing information. I remember when I started this project, and some records were difficult when it came to researching where the houses were. Now that I have been through several records and have perused several county interim reports, I think it is important to go back and make sure the metadata is comprehensive. I also took this time to make sure that houses with multiple records had the same information. For example, if two records have the house featured, different images, but one record has a particular address listed, I would do research to make sure the information is correct and then edit the record without that specific address.

This image is after the fact...but you get the idea.

For those who don't know, Indexing means the collection administrator is/has approved the item/s to be in the collection. So, before an item or compound object is added to a collection, it must be approved. 

Using this function, CONTENTdm administrators can review controlled vocabulary terms, items, and compound objects that have been uploaded to the pending queue from one or more CONTENTdm Project Clients or added using the Web-based Add option. Only one approval or index process can run at a time.

Once your index has been successful, you see this message!