Artists' books and metadata

Last week, I helped document several artists' books from the Herron Fine Press and Book Arts Collection. After the books were documented, Jake edited the photos via Adobe Photoshop. Once the images were edited, they were imported into CONTENTdm. The image filenames consisted of the author's last name and the title of book. This labeling system made it easier to search and find their corresponding IUCAT record. I was assigned the task of adding the metadata via the CONTENTdm Project Client. I had yet to work with this cataloging part of CONTENTdm before. I used the information from the IUCAT record to fill in the necessary fields. Some of the records were complete and had abundant information provided, while others did not. I am unsure of how complete the stakeholders of this collection want their metadata to be. I know that for the architecture collection, stakeholders want the metadata to be robust and provide links to several other sources of information. Personally for the Fine Press and Book Arts Collection, I don't think it is necessary to have complete metadata if there is an image of the book. As a visual person, I can gather more about it through the image then I can reading the catalog record. I do wish that there were more photographs of each book from different angles and/or a video of the book. Having a 360 degree viewer would be AMAZING! UCI Libraries has developed an Artists' Book discovery tool that I am in love with, I would hope that more institutions follow suit. You can check it out here

"Through Piloting Linked Open Data for Artists' Books, we envision addressing larger issues of enriching user discovery and resultant scholarship of physical objects not adequately described by current practices. By displaying our vision and sharing outcome yielded from this incubator project, we believe that engaging and fostering new developments in resource description has the potential to change humanities scholarship." - UCI Libraries


Below are screenshots of my Artists' Book cataloging skills