Link rot + Cropping

This past week, I have continued to search for metadata to add to the Wilbur Peat collection. I have noticed that there is not always a street view available to link in the "See Also" field. Also I have been using Google's Link Shortner to shorten the links to the street views. It is interesting to think about why some people prefer shorter links. The look of long links can be overwhelming but also I worry about how the shorter link itself will hold up. In the last few months, I have noticed conversations about link rot or the process by which hyperlinks on individual websites or internet in general point to webpages, servers or other resources that have become permanetly unavailable. Am I causing more work for the future if these links die?


After awhile CONTENTdm crashed and I was no longer able to add metadata. So I began cropping images from the Herron-Morton(?) collection. I cropped and edited 219 photos from the collection.