SALS went St. Louis, MO this past weekend. I was so excited since I am from KC, MO and one of my good friends is from StL, MO - so I've been there a few times. I wanted to share this amazing city with my group of peers. 

We made it an overnight trip, reserving two Airbnb's for the eight of us. We took two cars and it took about four hours to get there from Bloomington. The drive really didn't feel that long but I did have a large coffee before we drove away from the sunrise. It was so amazing to see the Arch again, it is such a humbling site to see. I took my group to the (Richard) Serra Sculpture Park and Citygarden, a park dotted by lawns, pathways & seating, & notable for its water features, sculptures & video wall. We ate at Schlafly's Tap Room for lunch, so yummy and so not Bloomington food. Afterwards, we headed to Washington University to meet with Jennifer Akins and Rina Vecchiola at the Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library. The library is adjacent and below the Mildred Lane Kemper Museum. The library reminded me of my undergrad library at KCAI, it was small but enough. Rina and Jennifer gave SALS a tour of the library and then gave a little presentation with Q&A at the end. I love taking these trips to meet with "real" librarians, working in a professional setting that isn't IU. 

After our library meeting, some of us went to our Airbnb's and some went to the arboretum. Then we met up for dinner at The Block. Later that evening, I took some people who wanted to stay out to The City Museum, one the places to go while you are in St. Louis. Everyone was in awe it was great, seeing my peers faces' light up and they transformed into kids. We had a couple drinks before crawling through tubes and going down slides. It was a great night but it got even better! I took everyone to MY FAVORITE place - Steve's Hot Dogs in Tower Grove. I was able to fill my punch card and got a free hot dog. The next day we went and got crepes for breakfast from City Coffee & Creperie and then headed over to the St. Louis Art Museum. After a glorious hour at the museum and spending some $$ in the museum store, we headed back to Bloomington.