First Year Over

Welp, my first year of library school is over! I finished strong and tired. I meant to update my blog after my conference travel but I got swamped with papers and final projects. 

Overall, I had a great semester, work and school wise. I had a wonderful time at the ARLIS/NA + VRA joint conference this past March and I had a great spring break. I became a contributing writer on the Hack Library School blog. 

So exciting!!! My first post discusses the importance of student groups and having active participation within them. I was really worried about my post, I tried to make it more objective than subjective. I was frustrated when I first started to write it - my first draft was just me bitchin' about the library science student groups at IU. Once I got that rant out, I went back edited all of it - which made it become more objective. I did want to place in personal and group experiences that have happened within SALS. Once I felt I had a solid piece, I sent it to my closest friends, my Hack Lib mentor and over course, the other writers. I received constructive criticism! It was so great. I am so glad that the other writers put in their two cents about what I wrote and a lot of them had strong suggestions for things to either eliminate or add. I look forward to writing more posts and reading new posts from the other contributors. 

When I returned from Seattle, I came home the Secretary and Treasurer of VRA's Midwest Chapter. I also returned with several ideas for my time during library school. I talked to several people who were supportive in the ideas that I was interested in. I pitched a couple paper topics to some people and they thought I was on to something. Who knows... I really did have an excellent time at ARLIS/NA + VRA conference. My favorite session was New Voices in the Professions. It was so inspiring to see emerging professionals discuss topics that they are committed to investigating and sharing. The variety in the presentations was exciting and held my attention. I will never forget walking into the Seattle Art Museum for the after hours Welcome Reception. So gorgeous and so beautiful - being able to walk around the galleries with a limited crowd - I was speechless. Also, Kehinde Wiley's  show A New Republic was being shown at SAM! The stained glass works were jaw dropping, as well as the works that featured women. I had never his work featuring women before, so gorgeous. 

I definitely learned that the next conference I attend I won't push myself to see all the sessions. Being inside all day is not fun, I learned to take breaks and to go outside occasionally and explore the city. The first night Andrew, Vaughan and I go to Seattle, we went to the 5-Point Cafe. This place was amazing! It was so grungy and Seattle! They were playing grunge, 90's music and were serving breakfast food midnight! What more could you ask for!!! On the last day, Andrew and I explored Pike Place Market and the surrounding area. 

As for my summer plans, I will be in going to Minnesota to visit an old friend, Chapel Hill for the Summer Educational Institute, Orlando for ALA and Illinois for my internship at Northwestern University. Busy, busy, busy!!!