G & C

My favorite class this semester is Gender and Computerization. We are discussing the ways gender and technologies, particularly related to computerization, have been understood. Throughout the semester, we have examined technological studies, gender critiques of technology, and problematic imaginings and representations of gender and technology, as well as ways in which gender has shaped practice and technological developments over time.

One ironic thing that I have noticed is, that there are 5 people enrolled and 4 of us are female, while one person is male - who speaks over us quite frequently. This class has been very informative and I am very disappointed that this is not a required class among students in this program. If an institution is really looking to create a diverse environment in informatics and computing this would be the place to start. 

Below is a list of topics that we discuss as a class:

The association of computers with male interests and aptitudes. 
The IT climate in education and in the workplace. 
The nature versus nurture debate (e.g., is being good with computers an innate ability or the result of socialization?) 
The role stereotypes (many perpetuated by the media) play in IT. 
The number of males and females using Internet resources and what the closing of this gap means. 
The attraction to virtual worlds (including digital gaming), and how these carnivalesque environments may close the gender gap. 
Sex and sexuality in technologized environments. 
Gender, artificial intelligence, and robotics. 
The ways in which technology designed by women may serve to close the gender computing gap. 
The impact digital inequality has on males and females alike. 

I have always read about topics related to this course but have never looked at the hard numbers. It's upsetting to know that not too much has changed in regards to harassment in the workplace and online, I feel a lot, but not all of it has transitioned into microaggressions. I will see it is very empowering to know that there are going to be hurdles, as a woman, in this life. I also really enjoy this class because we engage in critical discussions unlike my other classes were the professor lectures us. 

Below is a screen shot of two Google searches - Programmer and Librarian. Notice anything?