End of Semester

Woohoo! First semester down, three to go! 

This past semester has been great and pretty successful if I don’t say so myself. I am glad that I was able to find a position at the Fine Arts Library and the Kinsey Institute. 

What I have done in my foundation classes this past semester:

User Services and Tools

I had a very thorough introduction to the fundamentals of user services and tools in the context of libraries. One of my favorite parts about the class was the final group project. We had to create and design a service for a specific scenario. 

Our scenario had to deal with a valuable art collection. We decided to create an app that could be accessed via mobile, tablet and desktop, that would allow users to browse and search through the institutions art collections. We figured this would be a great starting point for any institution that is looking to provide more access to their special collections. In a  broader sense institutions could use this app to provide more awareness to their community, students, and faculty, that there is so much in special collections to be seen. This app is based on the idea of digitization.

My group and I interpreted the project fair as a fair where there would be actual physical materials but we were the only ones who went that route, every other group made powerpoint presentations. We also provided a verbal presentation and app mock up.

Representation and Organization

In this class, we focused on organizational and representational structures such as classification schemes, pre-coordinate and post-coordinate indexing systems, thesauri, and ontologies. This class definitely changed my perspective on lots of systems that I thought were organized in a successful way. But there is a difference in library land organization and ordering a pizza organization. I enjoyed this class because I had a more behind-the-scenes look at library catalogs and how they came to fruition. I am interested to see where BibFrame goes and social tagging, especially in the world of art. 

Evaluation of User Services and Tools

This may have been my most challenging class due to several variables. The class examined the applied evaluation of library resources and services, including collections, document delivery, technical services, reference services and so on. There was a large emphasis on methods and methodological issues. My final project for this class was a research proposal. I chose to propose a study on the information needs and behaviors of studio art students and practicing studio artists. I was really passionate about my paper but there was a requirement to have the paper be a minimum of 25 pages which definitely put a damper on the whole thing. If i were ever to submit this paper, I would cut out at least half of it.