It's been a whole two weeks since I started classes and it has been about three weeks since I moved here from Kansas City, Missouri. During my first week here I had orientation. I met several of my peers and faculty through ice breakers and social gatherings. I finally met some other art librarianship students bar hopping with some student groups. 

So in my first post there were some hints of self-confidence problems or concerns, and now those thoughts have dissipated. One of my teachers mentioned on the first day that if you were here because you like reading, you are in the wrong place. When he said those words a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I had been feeling like an oddity because I have a studio art background from a four year private institution...

I have enjoyed my classes thoroughly and am getting adjusted to my schedule. I attended a Society of Art Librarianship Students meeting this past week and took on the role as their Social Media Coordinator. So you should follow us on Twitter & Instagram! Soon enough I will be running their Facebook page and blog. I am looking forward to writing their blog because it will not only help my writing skills and research practices but it will remind me to write my blog! Below are some logos I designed for SALS.

Logo designs for SALS

Logo designs for SALS

I also plan on joining the Progressive Librarians Guild, Society of American Archivists - Student Chapter, and the ALA - Student Chapter

This last week I met the amazing Kristina Keogh, the Head of the Fine Arts Library here at Indiana University - Bloomington. I also met with Jasmine Burns the Image Technologies and Visual Literacy Librarian at the Fine Arts Library. I had a great conversation with her about visual literacy, design, and the versatility of having an art librarianship/MLS degree. After talking to her I felt more confident in going down the path of digital libraries or visual resources and technology. I still don't know how to apply all of the terms I have learned about to categorize the various jobs librarians can have. 

I did receive a job at the Fine Arts Library as a Library Assistant II. I will be helping around the library and hopefully working very closely with Jasmine on special projects. I also am a volunteer at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. I will be adding metadata to a database of recently scanned photographs. My goal this semester is to volunteer at one place and to have two jobs. So 2 down 1 to go! Every day something clicks and every day I become more and more stoked to be a part of this community.