Volunteer + Work Update

As you know I have started volunteering at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction. The Kinsey Institute was founded by Alfred Kinsey, a professor at Indiana University and an entomologist who turned into a sexuality researcher. The institute's mission is "to advance sexual health and knowledge worldwide." Research, graduate training, information services, and the collection and preservation of library, art, and archival materials are some of the main activities carried out by the Kinsey Institute. My official title is the Curatorial Assistant. Working with the curator, Catherine Johnson-Roehr, is extraordinary! She is an intelligent woman who knows her stuff. My duties at the moment include adding metadata to some recently acquired photographs. The work is not as monotonous as it sounds because the photographs are so interesting. 

As an artist, I find a lot of things in life to be beautiful and fascinating. The photographs are eerie to be me because I don't know who they are, they are anonymous. I catch myself thinking about the bigger picture - who are we and what are we doing here on Earth. There are many stories have been lost and scrambled over time; many of which are waiting to be told.

I start my second job as a Concierge in the Wells Library. I will be providing personalized assistance in the Learning Commons. I will be directing students to locations, services, and resources within the Learning Commons and libraries. The position has recently been developed by some administration of the Wells Library. I may act as a reference assistant, research consultant and/or the concierge. I will attend training session so that I may be able to teach students how to use the library properly - possibly in large class-sized groups. 

I am currently working on a project with the Image Technologies and Visual Literacy Librarian at the Fine Arts Library. We are evaluating and assessing the information details of the slide library. The work is just a precursor to another larger project.

Alongside my two jobs and volunteering, I have attended a few IT workshops and will be attending more in the future. This past week I went to an Endnote and a Zotero workshop. Endnote is my new love affair! Why hadn't anyone told me about it before! It takes so much weight off your shoulders when you are writing a paper. Adding citations to your paper, eazy peezy lemon squeezy Endnote can take care of that! So beautiful! I have also attended a UNIX, HTML & CSS, and Dreamweaver workshop! More details to come....!