Orientation over

Orientation week is now over and I am all settled into my apartment. I didn't realize how amazing Indiana University's School of Informatics and Computing really was. After listening to most of the faculty talk, I am so stoked to be a part of this program. I wasn't as anti-social as I thought I would be.

One point the faculty really stressed to us was to be very, very involved with the technology.

Since orientation is over I have signed up for multiple technology workshops. I figured I would take ones like Photoshop and Excel to brush up on some skills. But I also signed up to learn the basics of Zotero, EndNotes, UNIX and HTML. I am looking forward to attending all of these workshops. Learning the technology will be a saving grace in some instances.

During orientation, there was one topic that was constantly spoken about and that was - your future career. The faculty were very repetitious about building your resume, researching job ads and taking note of the job trends. The constant reassurance about finding a job was overbearing at times. It is nice to know that for once in my academic career I will most likely be successful in my endeavors.

It was nice to see people from all different walks of life and we all have different skill levels. I am a little concerned about finding a part-time job that is relevant to my interests. I might have missed the boat on fall semester jobs. This afternoon I filled out some applications to volunteer at the IU Art Museum. I also went and spoke with someone at the Black Film Archive about a potential job, but was told that they weren't looking for anyone till Spring.