New Adventures

For those of you who are curious...

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kendra and I am embarking on a new adventure in t-minus 2 days. I will be moving to Bloomington, Indiana to attend to pursue a Master's degree in Library Science with a specialization in Art Librarianship. I am super stoked and am ready to get started.

In the spring of 2013 I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA focusing on Sculpture and Art History. While I was there I was a student worker at the Jannes Library and Learning Center. Not only did I enjoy working with staff but I thoroughly enjoyed assisting other students, whether it was demonstrating to them how to use computer databases to find information or leading them to find sources within the library. I also participated in a variety of special projects throughout the library. There is one day I will never forget and that is when I went with one of my art history classes to the Spencer Art Reference Library at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. That is where I received an inspirational presentation from Amelia Nelson, the public services librarian, about the voluminous amount of visual resources that were available for students.

I originally had planned to attend IU right after receiving my BFA, but instead I decided to take a couple years off. Life happens and I wasn't 100% sold on leaving Kansas City just yet. I am so thankful I took a little break from school. I worked full-time at a "fun" job that got dull fairly quickly nevertheless I had bills to pay and my belly to feed. Thankfully I became aware of so many things in my life that I wanted to change. Basically, my shitty job gave me an epiphany - to fucking move on. I wish I would of quit the same day that I had that thought but I just couldn't. 

So I am glad to be announcing my departure. With that, over the course of a few months I have been trying to immerse myself with all things library. I started using my Twitter account and following everything library. I joined ARLIS/NA - Art Libraries Society of North America. I also plan on joining the student chapters of ALA, ARLIS/NA, and some other organizations when I arrive at IU. My two favorite resources or blogs right now are HackLibSchool and ArLiSNAP. To be honest, I do not read that often. When I was in school all I was reading were art history books and reading assignments. I have done very little recreational reading since then. I don't even own a library card. So I am definitely feeling a little bit of Imposter Syndrome but I just have to remind myself that I have what it takes to be an awesome librarian. Let's think win-win y'all! Seriously though, I am interested in seeing how my experience as an artist amalgamates with librarianship and technology.

Long story short, I decided to start a blog to document my journey! After I complete my degree in 2017, I hope to find work at an art museum library, academic library or work as a visual resource curator.

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